Christmas in Weymouth and Portland


21st November 2018

Christmas is always a special time, no matter where you are in the world. Here at Weymouth and Portland Info we wanted to create a go to guide for anyone who’s looking for something to do this Christmas in Weymouth or Portland.

We created our new Christmas page so people residing in Weymouth and Portland and people coming down to visit over the Christmas period have a place they can check and see what exactly is going on. This includes everything from any events, shows, news and even Santa sightings so you know where you can take the kids to visit the big man himself.

We hope that everyone finds our new page useful and handy over the Christmas period. Of course we can’t do all this ourselves so if you know of something happening over the Christmas period that you wish to share then please get in touch with us. Because it’s the Christmas period we will be listing all things relating to Christmas for FREE, so please get in touch.

We will be adding to the page regularly during December so be sure to check back regularly.

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